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13.Dec.10| Major oil spill caused after ferry rams into port on Lesvos island (adds)
A large oil spill was caused at dawn on Sunday in the merchant port of Lesvos island from a major fuel leak from the passenger ferry Aegean Star.
23.Nov.10| Gore address at Athens con'f
(ANA-MPA) -- "The survival of our culture, the survival of Greece as a culture, depends on clear thinking and bold decisions" when it comes to climate change, former US vice-president Al Gore emphasised in Athens on Monday during an address at an international conference.
07.Sep.10| Environmentalists slam mink release
Greek environmental organizations warned on Monday that the release of species alien to a specific ecosystem can be disastrous for local wildlife. The environmental organizations ANIMA, Arcturos, Kallisto and the Ornithological Society issued the warning in response to the recent release of roughly 50,000 minks from two fur farms near the towns of Kastoria and Siatista, northwest Greece.
07.Sep.10| Preveli palm tree forest designated for reforestation
The prefecture of Crete on Monday designated for reforestation the expanse of the Preveli palm tree forest, which was totally destroyed by a wildfire in August.
02.Aug.10| Environment ministry sets up National Water Council
The Environment, Energy and Climate Change ministry on Thursday set up a National Water Council that will serve in an advisory capacity to the National Water Commission on national programs for the protection and management of the country's water resources and draw up an annual report for the Commission on the condition of the water environment of the country, the implementation of legislation on the conservation and management of water and on compatibility with EU legislation.
14.Jul.10| Birbili addresses informal EU environment ministers' meeting
Addressing an informal EU environment ministers' meeting in Ghent on Tuesay, Greece's Environment, Energy and Climate Change Minister Tina Birbili particularly stressed the need for sustainable management of materials, saying this would be the basis of adapting to a green economy.
14.Jul.10| 'Green Project' in Africa to embark Wednesday
A 50-day journey through nine countries in Africa, starting at the north of the continent in Egypt and travelling to its extreme southernmost point in South Africa, is to begin from Athens on Wednesday. Along the 15,000-kilometre route it and aims to record 31 locations of 'green' interest and help inform local communities about the potential of 'green' energy. The aims and details of the journey were presented by organisers on Tuesday, in a press conference at a central Athens hotel.
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The times when "specialists proposed" and "politicians decided" have gone for good! Now that the pressure on the environment is growing and the non-sustainable management of natural resources, in combination with climate change, is increasing social and political conflict, the importance of the activation of aware citizens who demand their participation in decision making and the promotion of solutions in major environmental issues is also greater than ever.

Citizens now can –indeed, they have a duty to- state their views, while European governments, following the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty- are now readier than ever to listen…. The method of collecting electronic signatures (ePetition) is now one of the most important tools for citizen participation, since it supports open and extensive dialogue and bolsters social responsibility.

The European program for the collection of electronic signatures eMPOWER relies on the latest technology for electronic application which ensures that the procedure is transparent, dialogic and democratic, and that its results are the distillation of common proposals, initiatives and views of NGO’s and citizens on environmental issues, such as climate change, biodiversity, the nuclear power industry and the management of dangerous waste, sea pollution, the management of water resources and many others. At the same time, it strengthens the role of national news agencies as promoters and supporters of relevant initiatives, securing thus the broader spread of the results of the program.

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1. Τhe United Nations declared 2010 as the "International Year of Biodiversity". Are you satisfied with the work done so far by the government to protect biodiversity?

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